It Took 4 Years

When we bought our property in Belize and built our new home we had no idea that it would take four years to sell our home in Ohio…four very long years! We closed on September 29, 2016 and have 14 days from then to vacate a rather large home. My best friend’s husband put it best:

“the end came slowly, until it came fast.” – David Brandt

It really did, we’ve been saying goodbye for 4 years then BAM! We gotta go. Now!
I have to thank Sunshine for her selfless & faithful prayers, it’s not easy to do considering she’d rather not see me go but she did because it was my dream…a need, even, and that is what she wanted for me. I’m not sure what I’m going to do without her. I suppose we’ll need to get with the times and technology. I’m going to miss you, girlfriend, I love you. xxxooo

Today we have this and a house full of packers…tomorrow the container arrives:


It’s getting real….


6 thoughts on “It Took 4 Years

  1. Beautiful photo of you and Sunshine. What a precious gift to have a bestie that will pray such a costly prayer for your dreams to come true! ❤️💕. Blessings to you, Sunshine!


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