Day 3

Trekked through Tennessee yesterday



I have been pretty good with getting the “Welcome to(insert state name here)” signs until we hit Arkansas and I was too busy ogling the mighty Mississippi:


Only to look up to see the sign right above the car!

Dangit! Hahahaa oh well….

We stopped in Bryant, Arkansas for the night, we decided it was best to get out of Little Rock before finding a bed for the night. . . will one that allows 88 pound white hairy kids be difficult to find? Nope. La Quinta apparently allows practically any critter that you may have in tow stay at no additional charge – it was pretty nice, too!

Spent this morning (day 4) getting Mexican auto insurance for when we cross the border in a couple of days. Hoping for a incident free border crossing.


I must say, these new vehicles are pretty neat – we have a Wi-Fi hotspot right here in the car, cool huh?

Heading to Texarkana and beyond….

Oh, one more thing : if you are traveling Arkansas and you need a restroom, don’t wait for a rest area, apparently that’s not something they are too awfully concerned with. You’re welcome.




6 thoughts on “Day 3

    • Yes! We buy data, there’s only 4gb at the moment since I have zero idea as to if it will work outside of the USA. The car is nothing fancy – a 2016 GMC Terrain…it is a heavenly ride compared to the Jeep we traded in for it!


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