Day 5

We made up for a short drive on day 4 – we are on South Padre Island for a couple of days, I’ve got to deal with a pet import permit for Belize…the first application was sent on Sept. 23, nothing, I sent another on Oct. 7 and I’ve still got nothing grrrr. I am headed to the business center to scan and send them AGAIN. I read for months that it was such an easy process and takes about a week….yeah, right a week.

On a better note, I have to say that much of Texas has been the best part of our drive –  the prairies are wide and dotted with cattle and horses, the skies are huge ,amazingly blue and with clouds like I’ve never seen.

Austin & San Antonio:

We had lunch at this out of the way place in Three Rivers:


We drove through San Benito, the hometown of Freddy Fender which of course led to us howling out the few lines of songs of his that we knew for the next 25 miles.

We saw the most enormous wind farm EVER, I was in the passenger seat and the farm was on the other side of the highway but figured I’d try for a shot anyway, they went on forever:


I took Murphy for his first visit to the Gulf…he didn’t really know what to think and was good until the waves came crashing in – he’s not a fan and decided to poop on the beach as payback…I guess he showed me!


Gonna go sit with my butt in the sand today if you need me






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