Beach and Border

We’ve been spending a couple of extra days on South Padre Island, it reminds me a lot of Panama City Beach on the other side of the gulf. We took Murphy to the beach again he doesn’t much like the waves but loves to play in the tidepools:

I think the beach bar next door had a sandcastle competition last weekend, these things are beautiful and held up remarkably well over the week:


We couldn’t cross the border Friday morning, we did get our 30 day visas but the glitch came with getting the car in, since it’s a new car with temp tags they insisted on the original title which of course we didn’t have, as a matter of fact the dealership was sending it to Belize once it came in. We contacted the super nice guy that we bought the car from in Ohio, he sent someone to the title office, got a title and is having it FedEx’d to us here, we should get it today and since it won’t be until later in the day we won’t be crossing the border until Sunday morning…who knew that this trip was going to include an extended vacation on South Padre Island?? Hey, it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye!

Some random shots around town:





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