We had a nice lazy Saturday on South Padre Island, burgers and beer at Burgerfi  then went to a wedding next door….ok, we gawked at a wedding next door:

Then patio on the beach time, Murphy was so well behaved, dogs and people passed by and he just watched. I think he is beginning to feel that we have completely turned his life upside down and he wishes he knew how to drive or at the very least make a plane reservation to get the heck away from the nut jobs who did it.


After a few beers I am now the proud owner of a 32oz. Beach Club plastic tumbler service for 6.

We hit the border this morning, 30 day visas and car title in hand. Pretty much breezed through the vehicle permit thing in spite of our visas being dated 21 Oct 2019…yes, 2019 – our passports are stamped that too, will be adding time traveler to our resume’s.

Entering and leaving Matamoros:

And this is pretty much what it looked like the whole way to Ciudad Victoria:


There is a lane and a half going each way, if you’re the slow one you can move over to give better room for others to pass or you can scooch over if you see oncoming cars passing to give them more room.

I’d highly recommend those traveling with pets to skip Ciudad Victoria, they just don’t have pet friendly places and the one I thought did is now under a new name and ownership and no pets allowed…we must have looked sad because the front desk person placed a call to the hotel god which granted permission. I’d post the name but I don’t think that they want this to become a trend.

We didn’t get far since the border thing sort of took up travel time and driving at night is not an option and the speed limit is 60km half the time then 100km the other half, slow going.


On to Veracruz tomorrow or wherever there is a place that takes Murph.










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