The Road to Veracruz

The drive was short the first day in Mexico so we made up for it yesterday, 10+ hours to Veracruz, we’d like to meander a little bit along the way but the Belize paperwork for Murphy is only good for 14 days and it’s getting close. I do want to take a minute to set some minds at ease, those that fret for our safety on the road in Mexico – let it go, things are lovely, there has been zero trouble, the only nuisance is the occasional person trying to wash our windshield with too much soap and dirty rags!

It is a beautiful drive with mountains on the right and the Gulf of Mexico on the left we lost at least an hour due to some serious potholes and the many topes (aka sleeping policeman or speedbumps). Here are a few photos of the drive:

They rock n roll and carpool (we counted 12 in the pickup bed) in Altamira:

I was fascinated by the many flocks of birds that appeared to be making artsy sketches in the sky – I hope that you can see them:


We are on the way to Villahermosa – should be knocking at the Belize border on Wednesday…if all goes well.




2 thoughts on “The Road to Veracruz

  1. That first pic seems to be a Fire ant hill…. or a chupacabra nest… you should have stopped and poked it with a stick to see which came out. And that mountain…that reminds me of Close Encounters… I bet there is some sort of ancient alien pyramid inside it! Very cool pics, glad things are going well. 🙂


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