Villahermosa to Chetumal

A semi long drive from Villahermosa to Chetumal and no less beautiful than the days prior. I found a nice pet friendly place to stay in Villahermosa, Hotel Baez Carrizal, the lobby was just gorgeous and we paid $30 usd plus $10 for Murphy, I think:

Everyone was so nice, there was zero English speaking but we made do nicely.

We were then off to Chetumal which is the giant city just across the Belize/Mexico border near our house. We couldn’t get the car across the border (damn car…again) because Tom had to get some paperwork done to import it through the retirement program so we don’t pay duty on it which could be VERY high (25%+) depending on the border agent you get and their mood. We found another Murphy friendly hotel, Villas Bambu, since it was late and crossing into Belize was not an option, it claims to be an eco-friendly hotel, what makes a hotel eco-friendly, I wonder? It had pretty much everything every other hotel we stayed at had, a/c, tv etc., we got it for $20 usd and had to pay for an extra person for the chubby dog we are dragging across the continents:

The cabanas were duplexes, no frills but nice. One bit of advice I will offer to those traveling with pets: Expedia. Yep, it was invaluable in finding pet friendly places to stay

I love that the Mexicans have Frida Kahlo on their 500 peso note and that waiting for piggies to cross the road is normal:

Well, we made it but this isn’t just about getting here, it’s about being here. Hope you’ll pop in often to see what we’re up to.



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