Hostage Vehicle

We’ve been here in Belize nearly a week now and have yet to get our car over the Belize border. Advice to anyone importing a vehicle (getting it out of Mexico and getting our $400 deposit back was a breeze, way to go Mexico!):

  1. Choose your broker wisely. Take some time to pick one that knows what they are doing.
  2. Know that you will be leaving you ride there for 2 days (at least), apparently a good broker would tell you this – don’t sit there for hours thinking it’ll magically happen if you do…Tom did and it didn’t…and sadly they will LET you. Why? I sure don’t know.

I’ve been itching to visit with friends since arriving but there’s been a series of fires that have been in need of extinguishing. Will add firefighter to my resume’.

Been feeling a little wonky to boot – it’s been since Oct. 13 that all my art supplies and bookbinding goodies were packed into boxes, not easy for someone who is always making something. I’ve got some pencils squirreled away (in the car referenced above) I am hoping to at least get my hands on them soon. The following are the two last pieces I did before leaving Ohio.

This was for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. It’s of my mother’s hometown in Germany, where they met and married half a century ago (it’s not a great photo but if you’ve followed this blog at all you don’t expect good ones from me!):


This next one I did for my best friend, Sunshine, it is NOT my design but is done from a piece that she loves very much so I thought I’d remake it for her as a gift. The original was created by Mario Sanchez.


I’ll leave you with the sunrise I was treated to this morning:


Be well. Be kind.



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