First Week in Corozal

We’ve finally gotten the car across the border and got insurance, the only thing left regarding the vehicle are license plates…crossing our fingers that at least that part is uneventful when it comes to this car! First stop after her 3,500 mile roadtrip, Scotty’s for a beer/s and friendly faces.


Lots to do before our household container shows up here in Corozal, which rumor has it, could be any day. I sure hope there are no surprises in that department, I think we deserve a break. We shall see….for the moment we are just laying low.

The night watchman that’s been keeping an eye on the house while we’ve been in the USA has been growing flowers, plants and veggies on the property and everything thrives unbelievably well, pretty exciting, can’t wait to start digging in the dirt myself…I want at least minimum of one of everything. Here are a few photos of the pumpkin patch, the large habanero knocking at the front door, a hot pink hibiscus, okra growing an easy 6ft tall, baby banana tree and a mystery plant (the opened pod) – if anyone knows what it is please leave me a comment letting me know!

That’s it for now…a slow news day 😉

Be well. Be kind. xxoo


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