Plates and Passports

Our passports will be expiring in 6 months and if we want to travel for the holidays next month we need to get new ones since many times you can be denied travel if there is not at least 6 months left on your passport so we headed to the capitol: Belmopan, more specifically, the United States Embassy.


Naturally we couldn’t take photos inside but we did a drive-by for the one above. The process was super simple and painless. Google US Embassy in Belize, click passports and follow the directions…absolutely complete the application online, and print the pdf, make an appointment online and print the confirmation, bring confirmation, one 2″x 2″ photo, and the passport fee of $110 usd, they do accept US dollars and local currency. After about 30 minutes the process was done, we kept our passports and will return in 7-10 days to pick up the new ones…yes, I said 7 to 10 DAYS! You can’t even pay to get an expedited passport in the US that fast. They will email us once they are ready and we’ll go pick them up, there is anther option, they could send it via DHL but that would entail us giving our passports to the driver to take to the embassy to have them cancelled and both the old and new returned – I’m not comfortable with handing over my passport to a stranger….plus it’s a pretty drive, anyway.

I get a kick out of some of the names of streets, towns and villages here in Belize, for instance:


Or how about some of these towns/villages:

  • Baking Pot
  • Cool Shade
  • Cowboy Camp
  • Good Living Camp
  • Happy Home
  • Boom
  • Double Head Cabbage
  • Retaliation
  • Revenge
  • Bound to Shine
  • Gallon Jug (coffee)
  • Go to Hell Camp
  • The Dump
  • Valley of Peace

We also completed the final step on the vehicle importation – license plates. The car is now a full fledged Belizean with plates and a Belize title. By the way, if you need these things and live in the town proper go to Town Hall, if you are in the outer villages (rural) go to the bus terminal…yes, really, I thought they were leading me on a wild goose chase but they really DO have a transit authority office in there and you get your drivers license there too (one of our next projects).

I’ve decided that I’ve go a new favorite color. Papaya. Just beautiful and I’m so glad that they are plentiful and inexpensive here so I can see it often (and they are delicious!):


Be well. Be kind. xxoo


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