Several years ago my husband and I were looking for a place to retire…away from the frigid LOOOOONG cold winters that have been wrecking my mental world more and more each year. We started looking at the Gulf of Mexico area, the usual suspects, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and even a couple of cities dearest to my heart on the Atlantic side, Savannah, Ga. and Charleston, SC. and while much was to be found in those places there was still the other issues we had problems with: outrageous taxation and a government that was getting bigger and bigger and intruding on every aspect of our lives with no end in sight…so we started looking outside of the USA. Mexico? Beautiful, but the purchase of land is dubious. Panama? A little further than we wanted to be from our families. Belize? Hmm..it’s close, it’s an English speaking country (husband does not ascribe to “you can teach an old do new tricks”  like a new language) so we decide to take a trip and have a see. We went for 2 weeks, rented a 4-wheel drive and explored the entire country – 1,100 miles we put on that Xterra. San Pedro – too busy and way too much of a party island. Placencia- too many expats building their McMansions and entirely too expensive and touristy. Punta Gorda- a little too far back in the way of development for our taste. San Ignacio- LOVED it but too far from the Caribbean Sea, we wanted to be close to the water. Corozal- YES! It was love at first sight for me but took a couple more trips to convince the husband that this was the place…eventually he too fell in love with it and more than the location, it was the amazing people that sealed the deal and we purchased this:


And built this:



This blog is our journey from NE Ohio to our new life in beautiful Belize….